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SPUC condemns alleged right to sex and abortions

28 November 2006

SPUC condemns alleged right to sex and abortions London, 28 November 2006 - The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has criticised the assertion, described in The Times newspaper as having been made by Ms Ann Furedi of BPAS, that having sex without repercussions is a right. Paul Tully, SPUC general secretary, said: "The so-called right to have sex - and then to kill unborn children if they result - is a disturbing and sickening new argument from the pro-abortion lobby. It not only violates all sense of respect for the unborn child, but also demeans women, for whom abortion is often undertaken with huge reluctance because they feel they have no choice. "The BPAS survey suggests that support for abortion is beginning to decline slightly, and other recent research suggests that, while many people support 'a woman's right to choose' as a slogan, most do not support unrestricted access to abortion, and want to see the number of abortions reduced." A Communicate Research poll for 'Choose Life' in April-May 2006 found that, among 1,046 women, 55% thought there were too many abortions in Britain, while 27% did not. 18% did not know or declined to answer. Today's Times says: "having sex without repercussions is a right that should not be complicated by unwanted children Ann Furedi, chief executive of the advisory service [BPAS], said." The comment is not presented by The Times as a direct quote.

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