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Defending life
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Nuffield premature babies report is nothing short of eugenics

15 November 2006

Nuffield premature babies report "is nothing short of eugenics" London, 15 November 2006 - No Less Human, SPUC's disability rights group, has commented on Critical care decisions in fetal and neonatal medicine: ethical issues by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. Alison Davis said: "The Nuffield Council seems to have decided that severe disability is a fate worse than death, and a good enough reason not to treat a premature baby. The Council thus ignores the inherent right to life of all babies, disabled or not, as well as the right to treatment on an individual basis according to clinical need. "It is nothing short of eugenics to decide that because a baby has, or will have, a disability, or because the chance of survival is low treatment should be denied. It is a denial of basic human rights, and a form of fatal discrimination on grounds of disability. Disabled people view this as an encouragement of the attitude that we are better off dead, and that it represents a further step towards active killing of disabled newborns."

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