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Defending life
from conception to natural death


SPUC gives initial reaction to Catholic bishops’ document on moral issues

26 May 2004

SPUC gives initial reaction to Catholic bishops’ document on moral issues London, 26 May 2004 - The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has welcomed parts of a new publication by the Catholic bishops of England and Wales while expressing concern about other parts. John Smeaton, SPUC's national director, said: "We did not receive an advance copy of 'Cherishing Life', so at this stage we cannot make a fully considered appraisal of the document. Nevertheless, we do welcome sections which clearly point out the abortifacient nature of drugs which are widely promoted as contraceptives. We also welcome the statement that legislators should not co-operate in the creation of a worse evil in their efforts to avert an established evil. "However, we are disappointed by a section dealing with how citizens should vote in a general election. If British law currently permitted the killing of 500 Christians daily, surely that would be the top priority issue on which all Christians should judge political candidates. The law permits the killing of 500 unborn children daily in Britain, and yet the right to life of unborn children is not presented in this document as the top priority issue on which citizens should judge parliamentary candidates. Why should unborn children be treated differently from other citizens in terms of their priority at election time?"

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