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Defending life
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SPUC calls for change to voting system for European elections

8 April 2004

SPUC calls for change to voting system for European elections Westminster, 8 April 2004--The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has called for voters to be allowed to vote for candidates rather than parties in European parliament elections. John Smeaton, SPUC's national director, said: "The present system prevents British people from using their votes to express their views on candidates' attitudes to specific issues. All they can do is vote for a party. They cannot even show their preference among a party's candidates. "Candidates can be from the same party yet differ in their views on crucial subjects such as abortion, embryo research and euthanasia. Voters need to be able to choose candidates who will support pro-life policies. "In other EU countries, including those using proportional representation, voters can specify candidates at European elections. "The Government are desperate to improve on the low turnout at previous European elections and propose to introduce 100% postal voting in certain seats. Introducing a system that permitted greater choice to voters might well help them achieve their objective of increasing the percentage of electors voting." SPUC is asking its supporters to approach local Euro-Parliamentary candidates to put to them the following questions: * Abortion and related activities, such as advising people how to get abortions, are promoted by western agencies in developing countries. This is sometimes funded under the title of "reproductive health". Will you oppose the funding of abortion and related activities in the developing world, whatever title it is given? * Will you support, or oppose, the protection of all human embryos, from fertilisation, from destructive experiments? * If a motion comes before the European Parliament which promotes or defends the practice of euthanasia or assisted suicide, will you (a) support such a motion, or (b) oppose such a motion? The voting system to be used on 10 June is the same as that used in 1999.

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