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USA vote could affect the rights of unborn children worldwide

3 November 2000

USA vote could affect the rights of unborn children worldwide Westminster, 3 November 2000--The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has stressed that the outcome of next Tuesday's presidential elections in the United States could have huge worldwide implications for the rights of unborn children. Peter Smith, SPUC's chief lobbyist at the United Nations and a leading member of SPUC Evangelicals, said: "Reliable sources have suggested that, if Governor George W Bush is elected to the presidency of the United States, he would definitely appoint a pro-life ambassador to the UN. He might also appoint a pro-life representative at ambassadorial level to address social issues. "If a pro-life secretary of state is appointed by Bush, then the US delegation would be completely pro-life, in contrast to the completely pro-abortion delegation appointed by the Clinton-Gore team. For the past several years, different US delegates have told us that they have had clear instructions from vice-president Al Gore to have certain pro-abortion wording included in UN documents. "If Gore becomes president, our position at the UN will be even worse than under the Clinton administration. The delegation from the US will be even more pro-abortion. However, if Governor Bush wins through, every indication at this point leads us to believe there will be a complete 180-degree turn on abortion." Mr Smith explained the significance of the American stance at the UN by observing: "The single most powerful and influential country at the UN is the United States. Not even the combined power of the European Union comes anywhere near the influence of the United States. Every time a US delegate speaks on the floor of a conference room, a reverential hush descends. This does not occur with the other delegations. "Many other countries, such as Canada, Australia, the UK, etc., have many links with the United States and a change of policy by the US president would have a major effect on these countries. Therefore, world opinion regarding abortion and the rights of unborn children could quite literally change with the election of the next US president." Peter Smith has attended all major meetings at the UN for the last six years and holds a major leadership role in UN pro-family, pro-life non-governmental organisations.

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