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Pro lifers slam Rowntree report as biased and outdated

15 November 2000

Pro-lifers slam Rowntree report as "biased and outdated" Westminster, 15 November 2000--The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has accused the report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on teenage pregnancy in Doncaster of trying to foist abortion on poor, young single mothers. Paul Tully, general secretary of SPUC, said: "The Rowntree report identifies certain factors that increased the likelihood of abortion. It argues that these factors should be promoted. Politicians who want to see fewer abortions must recognise the underlying agenda here. "The report complains that not enough young mothers contemplate an abortion. It complains that family support led many teenagers to decide against abortion. However, most parents of today's pregnant teenagers were themselves brought up under the Abortion Act. In many cases they have had abortions themselves, or else know close friends or family members who have had abortions. Many will appreciate the devastating psychological effects which abortion can have on women, as well as the physical complications. They are, in fact, well qualified to appreciate the true nature of abortion." Mr Tully also pointed out various flaws in the content of the report and the way in which it had been covered in the media. He said: "The report cites abortion statistics from 1997, when comprehensive data is now freely available for 1999. Furthermore, the report does not assert that young women's decisions on abortion are made hurriedly, as was claimed. On the contrary, the report states that decisions were 'firmed up during the 7 - 14 week period after the discovery of the pregnancy.' "Crucially, the publication of this report coincides with the appointment of 141 government 'teenage pregnancy busters' who have been charged with promoting abortion among school girls. This suggests that the Rowntree Foundation's report, which is both biased and outdated, is part of a wider pro-abortion agenda which is being pushed subtly yet unremittingly by government."

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