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Abortion booklet abuse of children

9 June 2000

Abortion booklet "abuse of children" Westminster, 9 June 2000--Serious errors appear in a booklet promoting abortion for schoolgirls by the Family Planning Association, the leading UK abortion-promotion body. The booklet is misleading both on factual matters and health issues. "We regard this booklet as an abuse of children," said Paul Tully, general secretary of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. "A young woman who reads this booklet will be thoroughly mis-informed about what an abortion will do to her and her baby. "The booklet says that abortion involves removing 'a fertilised egg or embryo from the womb'. In fact, at 12 weeks' gestation when many abortions are performed, abortion means surgically dismembering the child. At this stage the baby, who by now is fully formed, is known as a foetus, not an embryo. "There is no reference to the evidence linking induced abortion (especially on young women) to breast cancer later in life. Other dangers such as chlamydia, ectopic pregnancy and infertility are also downplayed or omitted. There is no reference in the booklet to the psychological suffering that can follow abortion. "This booklet provides only the platitudes that abortion providers want their clients to hear. It advertises the services of abortion agencies, but carries no reference to organisations that offer women other choices." Women considering abortion can find out how to get help by calling SPUC on (020) 7222 5845.

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