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Defending life
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Pro life group condemns abortion bookings over the internet

11 July 2000

Pro-life group condemns abortion bookings over the internet Westminster, 11 July 2000--The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children has described a website through which women can book abortion consultations as "an insult to the hundreds of women hurt by abortion every day." John Smeaton, the society's national director, said: "We are very saddened by this development which is a grave disservice to women. "Marie Stopes International's website shows the ease with which unborn babies can be killed in Britain. "Their website welcomes visitors to a brave new world where obtaining an abortion is made easier than a visit to Tesco's to buy your weekly shopping. The tragedy of abortion is trivialised and reduced to the level of a simple customer choice. It is an insult to the hundreds of women hurt by abortion every day. "The description of abortion is outrageously misleading. A procedure which dismembers a tiny but completely formed baby by the force of a powerful vacuum is described as follows: 'We usually use gentle suction to remove the contents of your womb through a narrow tube'. "The overwhelming worldwide evidence of the adverse psychiatric aftermath of abortion is also swept aside with the false claim that abortion has no effect on a woman's general health. "This website should be condemned by everybody regardless of their views on abortion."

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