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Don’t Call these Midwives

14 January 2019

The Call the Midwife storyline misleads viewers about the history of backstreet abortion.

The returning episode's storyline mis-sells the reality of abortion. 

BBC drama “Call the Midwife” has mis-sold the reality of abortion in its Season 8 returning episode, which portrayed a botched backstreet abortion storyline. The Sunday night episode featured character Cath seek an abortion during a time where the procedure was still illegal. Soon after she went into labour and delivered her dead baby surrounded by Anglican Nuns. Following this distressing scene, Cath’s suffering did not end with the delivery, as her womb was then surgically removed to avoid infection.

The abortion storyline of the hit TV show succeeded in sinisterly misleading viewers about the history of backstreet abortion and the reality of the procedure itself. Within hours of airing, jubilant pro-abortion fans had taken to twitter to applaud the show and support abortion access. One user wrote: “Well done to Call the Midwife for tackling the illegal abortion issue. This is why everyone should have access to free & safe abortion services.” Whilst another user wrote: “You’d like to think backstreet abortions were a thing of the past, until you consider they’re still illegal in some parts of the UK, i.e., Northern Ireland.”

SPUC Director of Parliamentary Communications said: “It is disappointing that this particular storyline of Call the Midwife, a well-loved family show, has been used by some to advocate in favour of abortion. It is important to remember that abortion, whether legal or illegal, can never be safe as it always ends an innocent life and so often damages the mother. The reality is that nuns at the time of the setting of the drama would have been greatly distressed by the death of an innocent baby. Fifty years of abortion law has deadened the consciences of many today, but back then the moral horror of abortion was widely shared.”

Backstreet Abortions?

It is still widely perceived that countless women were dying of botched backstreet abortions before abortion law was liberalised. However, this theory is entirely deceitful and is the result of skewed statistics and propaganda. Before the 1967 Abortion Act, relatively few women were dying from maternal causes. After the Act came into force the overall trend in the number of women dying from all causes in their childbearing years continued to steadily decline. There was no sudden marked decline after the Abortion Act was introduced.

The Council of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) revealed that in 1962 approximately 14,600 women and England and Wales had received treatment for the consequences of criminal abortion. In 1966 the RCOG commented: “It has been repeatedly stated that 100,000 criminal abortions are induced in this country each year, and a more recent estimate is 250,000. These, and an earlier figure of 50,000 are without factual foundation of which we are aware.”

Even in Northern Ireland where abortion law is restrictive, no maternal deaths have been recorded from illegal abortion in over 20 years. Similar countries that choose to value human life and reject abortion also have good maternal health records.

DIY Abortion

Despite calls from misinformed twitter users for safe abortion access, dangerous backstreet abortion practices have already arrived in the UK in the form of DIY home abortions. In 2017 the Scottish Government followed by the UK Government in 2018 permitted the use of lethal abortion drugs for home consumption. This practice sees women consume deadly drugs in an isolated environment with no medical supervision or assistance, thus reverting back to the backstreet abortion practice.

For those harmed by abortion help is available from ARCH which operates every day of the year providing support and counselling. The helpline number is 0845 603 8501.

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Comments (4)

  • Arthur McCormick

    15 January 2019, 10:54am

    It's the only time in your life that on a certain time on a certain day you will End A Life.

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  • Hannah Sealey

    19 January 2019, 2:18pm

    I was a young Student Nurse when the Abortion Act came into force here in the UK. One night as I came on duty I was met by a young man who informed me that his girl friend had something to show me. What she showed me, wrapped in a tissue was the headless torso of her tiny unborn baby.

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  • Alison Browning

    4 February 2019, 4:27pm

    I watched Call the midwife since the beginning but have had to stop now and series 8 is just too obsessed with abortion, yes I know it went on, it always has, and yes they need to cover the issue and it has been done before a few times. Nuns would have held mass for the souls lost to abortion not had such far left, "politically correct" got to fit in with 21st century morality sorry of views. I still cant understand the excitement over cute babies one Moment and the my body my choice thing the next. My views were shouted down on the Facebook page by millenials and older women alike. It's a family show and now abortion is just being over done with an obvious preaching the Pro choice ethic and that to care fir the mum and baby is outdated and evil. As a totally barren woman abortion hurts a lot as I'd love to have had a baby. I shall not watch it again.

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  • wendy walker Alison Browning

    6 February 2019, 11:57am

    Well done for speaking out Alison ...brilliant ..and wait for it there's 2 more illegal abortions to cope with in this series so 4 abortions in 8 Episodes......we really do need good people to write in droves to both BBC and the appalling loony left producers every e -mail./.letter will count
    thank you for your bravery and courage and please do keep speaking out for these very precious mites

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