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British abortion boss: Extreme New York bill "is what many of us have been campaigning for in the UK".

7 February 2019

Ann Furedi shocked the panellists on Loose Women when she defended late-term and gender selective abortion

BPAS boss Ann Furedi praised late-term abortion  

People across the world have been shocked at the passing of an extreme new abortion bill in New York, which removes abortion from penal law, and allows it up to birth in some cases. This has been compounded by some American politicians defending abortion at the very moment of birth, and even infanticide.

What they are asking British politicians to support

SPUC has been warning that what politicians in New York have done is very much what the abortion lobby here is attempting to achieve. Now, that has been confirmed beyond all possible doubt - from the mouth of Britain's top abortion provider.

Writing in Spiked online, Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), praises the horrific new law in New York as "a breakthrough for choice". She goes on to say (emphasis ours):

"New York State has just signed into law an abortion-rights bill that is close to what many of us have been campaigning for in the UK. The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) removes the need for a doctor to perform some abortions, and takes abortion out of the criminal code, making it a public-health issue.

This is pretty much what the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, and other pro-choice organisations that are supporting the #WeTrustWomen campaign, have been asking British politicians to support."

She is referring to the campaign to decriminalise abortion - to remove it from the criminal law. 

"Safe" abortion

Ms Furedi (who has openly said that abortion should be allowed up to birth, including because the baby's a girl) then defends allowing healthcare workers other than doctors providing abortions, saying, "Abortion is safe and nurses and midwives are well placed to provide it." (When describing abortion as "safe" she does not mention the doctor who was recently struck off for endangering women's lives at a BPAS clinic, or the 11 women who were transferred for emergency hospital treatment after suffering serious injuries in a three-month period at the same clinic).

Late-term abortion "obvious and humane"

However, Ms Furedi saves her highest praise for the aspect of the New York law which has sparked the most outrage - late-term abortions. She writes: "What we’d like in Britain is for politicians to accept what policymakers in New York have agreed. Paradoxically, what abortion providers in New York need is public and political support for the other change introduced by the RHA – a provision that we have in Britain already, and is seen by most people as obvious and humane. The clause in the RHA that has caused the most heated debate is one that allows abortions after 24 weeks in cases where there is an 'absence of fetal viability'."

This already happens in the UK

She leaves out the fact that the RHA also allows third trimester abortions if the "life or health" of the mother is at risk - a notoriously slippery criterion - but correctly says, "In Britain, since 1990, the law has allowed for abortion without time limit when a pregnancy is affected by a serious abnormality."

Ms Furedi says the "numbers are tiny" for these types of abortions, but a recent parliamentary question revealed that nearly 15,000 babies that were over 20 weeks gestation have died by abortion in the last five years, and a casual look at the abortion statistics shows that the majority are not for "serious abnormalities", however the term is defined. This "obvious and humane" provision has led to heartbreaking stories of babies being born alive during abortions and left to die. 

A timely warning

Ann Furedi sums up her philosophy, saying, "abortion should never be a crime when a woman believes that ending her own pregnancy is the right thing to do."

The RHA in New York has rightly caused outrage. However, it also serves as a reminder that the provision that has sparked the most heated debate - late-term abortions - already happens on a large scale here in the UK. As the the other provisions in the bill, Ann Furedi and her allies in Parliament have made it clear that they are determined to go to any lengths (including hijacking a domestic abuse bill) to impose an equally extreme abortion regime here. 

Join SPUC's We Care About Women campaign against decriminalisation.

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Comments (5)

  • Jeremy

    7 February 2019, 9:07pm

    A study of the brutality in WWII by the SS towards the innocents makes for very difficult research.
    Jews were massacred in their millions following a period of dehumanisation through evil propaganda and widespread desensitisation.
    This was implemented to normalise the hatred towards the 'vulnerable' by promoting a paradigm shift in values. There is no difference here.
    A brazen statement from someone who's attitude could have been hand-picked from that era.
    What is worse, is that she influences an industry that earns by death.
    Remember the gold that was taken from the teeth of the Jewish people?
    The good thing about her over callous statement is that it has stirred up a huge backlash that will help to bring down the very evil that she stands for.

    This is for real and we cannot ignore these atrocities any longer.
    It cannot be allowed to continue, and we must pray, work and do all we can in the Almighty's strength to end this disgusting culture as peacefully as we can.

    Your comment has been submitted and is currently awaiting approval
  • Gabi Jeremy

    12 February 2019, 3:26pm

    Jeremy, a very good comparison and comment. I just hope you are right and the backlash will bring down the evil she is trying to spread. The issue needs to be brought into the main stream media and the gruesome details of the barbarism of killing babies need to be exposed. I am sure that if the horrendous details of abortions were common knowledge 99% of people would be against it.

    Your comment has been submitted and is currently awaiting approval
  • Alice C Dupre

    7 February 2019, 10:55pm

    Curious to know ms furedi' s credentials. Is she a " medical professional"?

    Your comment has been submitted and is currently awaiting approval
  • Terri Reilly

    7 February 2019, 11:12pm

    I feel a bit sorry for her as I consider her not only deluded but indefensible. Does she really think that if a woman says she believes killing her baby, up to birth is the right thing to do, then she ought to be able to do so - and not that a woman who said such a thing ought to have her sanity checked. "A picture paints a thousand words" - just look at her picture, her eyes - read them and weep.

    Your comment has been submitted and is currently awaiting approval
  • Gabi

    12 February 2019, 1:25pm

    This woman is in-human, without any feelings for a little pain feeling human being, who can't speak. Why does nobody talk about what excruciating pain a baby feels when it is torn apart by the forceps limb by limb? The babies are tortured to death! A baby feels pain from week 8 to 9, when it already has a nervous system! The NHS website avoids these gruesome details of an abortion over 15 weeks, they just call it a procedure and removing a pregnancy. Even suction abortions tear the baby apart bit by bit!! But of course nobody says it like it is, its torture, its being drawn and quartered, like the middle ages. When challenging these callous in-human people like Furedi, nobody ever mentions the cold , hard truth of abortions , nobody ever clearly states how cruel, horrific and in-human an abortion is, except for good old Donald Trump, who said it in his State of the Union address, recently.

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