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VICTORY: Home secretary rejects buffer zone demands

13 September 2018

SPUC dispatched over 80,000 postcards to people wanting to contact the Home Secretary 

Sajid Javid said national legislation would not be a proportionate response. 

In a great victory for mothers and their babies, the Home Secretary has rejected the idea of implementing nationwide "buffer zone" legislation around abortion clinics.

In a written statement today announcing the result of the Home Office's review into "protests" outside abortion clinics, Sajid Javid it would "not be a proportionate response" to introduce national buffer zones. 

Validation of peaceful vigils

Despite the best efforts of the pro-abortion lobby to characterise peaceful pro-life vigils as violent protests where women are harassed, the review said that "the main activities reported to us that take place during protests include praying, displaying banners and handing out leaflets." 

Antonia Tully, Director of SPUC said she was delighted by the decision. She said: "This is a massive victory for common sense, democracy and above all for the hundreds of vulnerable women who are saved from the horror of abortion at the very gates of the abortion clinic."

"Throughout our campaign to protect pro-life vigils our thoughts have always been for the mothers who need help, even as they are walking into the abortion clinic, and for the many babies and children alive today because of an encounter with a loving pro-life citizen."

Upholding the rights of pro-life citizens

In the last two weeks SPUC dispatched over 80,000 postcards to people up and down the country who wanted to let the Home Secretary know that the freedom to oppose abortion, to pray for unborn babies and to offer help to women, must be upheld.

"We launched our postcard campaign as soon as we heard that the Home Secretary’s announcement was imminent," Mrs Tully explained. "The uptake was amazing. Ordinary people clearly feel very strongly about this matter. It is heartening that Mr Javid is listening to the people of this land."

Mrs Tully added: "This is a great victory for freedom of expression and the rights of the pro-life movement. Our supporters are dedicated to defending the rights of the unborn and giving a voice to the voiceless while campaigning to ensure the health of women is safeguarded.

Battle continues at the local level?

"We are delighted and pro-life people can continue their work in a proportionate way and within the existing law and cause no harm to others. It is to be hoped that local authorities will take heed of the decision and reject calls from the abortion lobby to impose such buffer zones within their areas."

Pro-abortion advocates are incensed by the decision and they continue to pressure local councils to create buffer zones. They have been liberal in alleging harassment by pro-life people but today’s decision shows that such claims fail to convince those who examine the objective evidence.

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  • Bernard Toolan

    15 September 2018, 10:39am

    Does this mean that the Ealing buffer zone is now illegal?
    I suspect that it does not.

    Your comment has been submitted and is currently awaiting approval

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