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Outdated abortion law needs changing, says study...asking 14 abortionists

9 October 2018

The 14 abortion doctors used words such as "pride" and "enjoyment" to describe their professional experience.

Trying everything to decriminalise abortion

Last month, it was reported that a new study had found that Britain's "outdated" abortions laws were hampering care for women and leaving doctors in fear of persecution.

However, showing just how desperate the abortion industry are to push the decriminalisation agenda, this study was based on interviewing just 14 doctors, and its authors included BPAS trustee Sally Sheldon and Ellie Lee, a close collaborator of its CEO Ann Furedi. 

Taking pleasure in killing babies

The study, "The 1967 Abortion Act fifty years on: Abortion, medical authority and the law revisited"​published in the Journal of Social Science & Medicine, ​does not mention the word baby at all, and fetus only twice. It analyses interviews with 14 abortionists, and reports "commonly occurring terms used variously by all interviewees to describe their professional experience in providing abortion services were 'pride', 'satisfaction', 'pleasure', 'achievement', and 'enjoyment'."

Dissecting the "study"

SPUC's Director of Research Dr Anthony McCarthy and independent researcher Dr Ilaria Bertini have written an in-depth response to the study, which you can read here

After highlighting the smallness of the sample size, they write: "Given that, a paragraph earlier, the authors [of the study] recall the historic 'antipathy towards abortion on the part of many NHS obstetricians and gynaecologists', it is unclear why the views of those committed to prioritising abortion should be privileged when it comes to defining their work in terms of 'healthcare', not least as according to one such doctor, 'I think we [doctors who provide abortion] are a different breed.'"


They also question what the authors mean when they talk about "health". 

Neither the authors or the interviewees offer a definition and yet we learn that "The doctors we interviewed were firmly of the view that ‘health’ is a strong justification for providing abortion to women." (p28). Yet what these doctors might mean by ‘health’ remains unclear. Abortion cannot be said to constitute 'healing' in any ordinary sense and the vast majority of abortions, as mentioned above, are carried out on grounds of mental health, despite a major Government-funded study of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (2011) concluding that, "the rates of mental health problems for women with an unwanted pregnancy were the same whether they had an abortion or gave birth".

(For a summary of the mental and physical effects of abortion on women, see Abortion and Women's Health

Extreme agenda

Showing the extremes that abortion advocates are willing to go to, they also point out that Ellie Lee certainly doesn't think there needs to be a health ground for abortion - as she once agreed that a mother should be able to kill a newborn because she found it "repellent". 

Drs Bertini and McCarthy conclude: "Quite how interviewing 14 abortion specialists can establish what makes 'doctors frightened' or explain the reluctance of vast number of doctors to carry out abortions (standard reasons, relating to moral objections, are not even suggested), remains to be seen."

With the Diana Johnson bill being launched in Parliament tomorrow and being debated in two weeks time, the abortion lobby are doing all they can to remove the last remaining protections from the unborn. 

Campaign with us here to #KilltheBill 

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