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WATCH: Is this the most chilling pro-abortion advert ever?

13 November 2018

"She deserves to be a choice". 

At least it's honest...

An advert has been causing outrage by promoting abortion using footage of a laughing newborn baby girl.

The video was posted in 2015 by the Agenda Project (a group famous for a 2011 video depicting Congressman Paul Ryan pushing an elderly woman of a cliff) but has gained prominence in recent days since it was shared by pro-life advocates such as Laura Klassen and Obianuju Ekeocha.

"She deserves to be a choice"

The advert, set to lullaby music, consists of video of a beautiful, blue-eyed, baby girl smiling at the camera and laughing. After a few seconds, the video cuts to a black screen with the words "She deserves to be loved." This is followed by "she deserves to be wanted."

Finally, the point of the advert "She deserves to be a choice". It ends with the hashtag #StandWithPP, promoting the abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Exposing the logic behind abortion

The suggestion that this beautiful baby girl could have been killed had her parents decided she wasn't wanted is so chilling and distasteful that it's hard to believe the advert is real. However, while most pro-abortion organisations would be too politic to use imagery like this, this extreme group is just using logic that they would all agree with.

The slogan "every child a wanted child" sounds compassionate until you realise that it means "every unwanted child a dead child". Likewise, abortion advocates promote "choice" as the ultimate good. This advert is more honest than most, as it shows what that "choice" is - killing a baby. 

The advert also honestly portrays the pro-abortion view that a baby's life only matters if the woman decided it does. So much so, that the baby deserves to be killed if her mother doesn't want her. 

Of course, it is preferable that a baby is loved and wanted by her birth parents. But as everyone who has been horrified by the ad knows, the baby girl doesn't deserve "to be a choice". She deserves to live.

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