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Amnesty International adopts new broad pro-abortion policy to "respect human rights"

10 July 2018

The human rights organisation that tramples on the rights of the unborn.

Abortion is a human rights issue they say...because everyone has the right to life

Amnesty International has changed its abortion policy to one of broad support for "safe and legal abortion". 

In 2007, the human rights organisation dropped its neutral position on abortion, but insisted that it only opposed criminalising abortion, and didn't "promote it as a human right". However, after years of aggressively promoting abortion all over the world, this pretence has now been dropped.

Official abortion promoter

Delegates gathered in Warsaw over July 6-8 approved "proposals to tackle the devastating human rights consequences of misguided attempts by countries to criminalise and restrict abortion and to punish people for using drugs."

On abortion, the press release says: "Representatives voted to adopt an updated position on abortion that calls on States not just to decriminalise abortion, but to guarantee access to safe and legal abortion in a broad way that fully respects the rights of all women, girls and people who can get pregnant. It will replace Amnesty International’s current position on abortion, which calls for the decriminalisation of abortion, and access to abortion in a limited set of cases, which was adopted in 2007."

In just 11 years

The ending of neutrality on abortion in 2007 caused an immediate outcry among pro-life supporters of the group, such as the Rt Rev Michael Evans, Bishop of East Anglia, who resigned his membership after thirty-one years of active involvement in the organisation. SPUC members, especially SPUC’s former chairman of executive board Michael Hill, had "fought tooth-and-nail to stop Amnesty being infiltrated by pro-abortion lobbyists." At the time, Amnesty seemed eager to reassure supporters that they were not a pro-abortion organisation.

However, the organisation quickly became one of the biggest promoters of abortion in the world. It campaigned for abortion in Ireland years before this year's referendum, releasing a video that many commentators denounced as being anti-catholic. They actively campaigned for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment (and activists were filmed making misleading statements about abortion in Ireland) and since then have been at the forefront of calls to impose abortion on Northern Ireland

"Everyone has a right to life"

It now explicitly promotes abortion as a human rights issue. On it's "facts about abortion page" it asserts that "access to safe abortion services is a human right. Under international human rights law, everyone has a right to life, a right to health, and a right to be free from violence, discrimination, and torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment." 

The human rights of the unborn are nowhere mentioned. 

News in brief:

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Comments (2)

  • Lynda Rank

    20 July 2018, 2:33pm

    How sad that Amnesty’s ‘facts about abortion page’ states, ‘ under international human rights law, everyone has a right to life, a right to health, and a right to be free from violence, discrimination, and torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.’ As Almighty God creates a new human being at conception, all the above are practised on human beings on the alter of abortion. No human rights there!

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  • Susie

    5 November 2018, 8:46pm

    I cancelled my bank account's monthly direct debit to Amnesty International because of their pro abortion agenda. I've supported this organisation for decades because they champion those who are crushed for speaking out against wrongs, they give voice to the voiceless, defend those without defence.
    All this has been turned on its head by radical 'feminists' who seem to have hijacked this one-time humane movement. Radicals who under the cloak of 'feminism' promote the right to life yet deny it to those most defenceless and voiceless of all. The unborn humans whose lives are now at the mercy of mothers who are being urged, for whatever unreasonable reason, to own their own bodies and discard their developing babies like unwanted intruders.

    Shame shame shame.
    Once any organisation, religion or movement becomes radicalized it steps outside humane boundaries and becomes a blight. Feminism itself is already blighted by the chant of 'my body, my child, my right' which epitomises the selfish egoism of the 'me me' brand which came in with Maggie Thatcher.

    Like so many others I believe in equal rights for all, regardless of gender, race, age, ability or religion. Every human being has the right to the life that lies ahead for them, free from oppression and censorship. I want nothing more to do with Amnesty International. The name itself now represents the most inhumane oppression of all. Who on planet earth is more defenceless than the unborn developing child. You don't have to be religious to see this plainly, you just need to be human.

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