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Ealing Council to vote on PSPO outside abortion clinic

16 January 2018

Ealing Council will convene to discuss what measures it will take regarding pro-life vigils outside MSI 

Ealing Council may impose restrictions on life-saving help for vulnerable women entering the Marie Stopes International (MSI) abortion clinic in Ealing.

The council will convene this evening to discuss what measures it will take regarding pro-life vigils outside MSI. 

Clare McCullough of the Good Counsel Network appeared on BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme this morning against John Hansen-Brevetti (MSI), and Ealing Cllr Binda Rai, where she reminded viewers that the Marie Stopes clinic has CCTV cameras pointed at the location where protesters stand, and yet fails to provide evidence for their claims of harassment and intimidation outside abortion clinic. Marie Stopes' own hand-written "incident log book" identifies the days when pro-abortion group Sister Supporter are present as being the most disruptive for women entering the clinic, reports Mrs McCullough.

Commenting in a press release ahead of Ealing Council's decision, Antonia Tully, Director of Campaigns at SPUC, said: "Peaceful, prayerful pro-life vigils must continue to offer help to desperate women coming to MSI. Many women are ambivalent about abortion or pressured into having one, and the presence of groups such as the Good Counsel Network offers a lifeline to such women". 

Last December, Antonia Tully gave evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on this matter, when she stressed that the Good Counsel Network is offering help to women that they cannot get anywhere else. 

Pro-life vigils are conducted with respect and sensitivity

"We must be absolutely clear", said Mrs Tully, "that there is absolutely no harassment or intimidation by pro-life groups taking place outside MSI in Ealing. Pro-life vigils are conducted within the law and with respect and sensitivity towards women entering the abortion clinic". 

Over 1,000 people signed an emergency petition to the London Assembly calling for freedom of speech when the Assembly discussed pro-life "demonstrations" in December 2017. Just four months earlier SPUC and Life presented a petition to the Department of Health signed by over 16,000 people who were calling for MSI to be stripped of its licence to practise.

This petition followed a series of Care Quality Commission Reports which revealed a horrific catalogue of health and safety breaches by MSI. "We sincerely hope that Ealing Council recognises the rights of UK citizens to offer compassionate help to women. To shut down this help where it is most needed and to take away the freedom for the pro-life movement to hold peaceful acts of witness would strike at the very heart of democracy". 

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