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Budget Crisis: Time for the UN to Re-evaluate its Priorities

2 August 2018

The United Nations: in "a troubling financial situation".

The UN's funding shortage is a timely opportunity for the UN to re-evaluate the programmes it runs.

Reports are emerging that the United Nations is facing a severe shortage of funding which may lead to a budgeting crisis. A letter from UN Secretary General António Guterres has recently surfaced indicating "a troubling financial situation facing the United Nations" which is thought to have been caused by late payments from member states. According to Guterres the UN’s core budget has been in a deficit of $139m since June 30th.

SPUC would like to see this situation give rise to a review of UN budget priorities in order to ensure the most powerful intergovernmental organisation is truly meeting the needs of communities in the developing world.

Founded in 1945 and consisting of 193 member states, the UN was initially created to maintain international peace and security through promoting human rights and offering humanitarian relief in the developing world. However, recent times have witnessed the UN using their finances and influence to encourage the provision of abortion throughout communities in the developing world, under the guise of so-called sexual and reproductive health.

Reckless promotion of the culture of death

Disturbingly, for years the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA) have imposed artificial methods of preventing and destroying life upon women in developing nations. UNPFA state on their website: "For every additional dollar invested in contraception, the cost of pregnancy-related care will be reduced by $2.22. In terms of socioeconomic benefits, achieving universal access to reproductive health services is estimated to yield returns of $120 for every dollar invested."

SPUC International Director Maria Madise said: "If these reports of budgetary difficulties are true, it is a timely opportunity for the UN to revaluate the programmes it runs and the support it offers. For too long the UN has pursued a reckless and dangerous agenda, promoting the culture of death worldwide."

Cultural Imperialism

Miss Madise added: "Today, many countries in Africa are subjected to cultural imperialism and being recolonised by powerful Western governments and humanitarian groups, led by the UN, imposing population control ideology and abortion."

In 2017, UNPFA spent just under $120m on such 'sexual services' upon women in need. As a key partner in the Family Planning 2020 Global Partnership, UNPFA have already appointed their future 2020 targets, aiming to inflict an additional 120 million women and girls in 69 of the poorest countries with chemical contraceptives.

However, in light of the surfacing budget crisis, SPUC now hopes the UN will re-establish their financial priorities and seek to assist women and girls in need through the prospect of good education and genuine healthcare. 

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