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Disabled lives matter too

24 October 2017

People taking part in the witness reported many positive interactions with members of the public. 

"Disabled babies have human rights too." 

Today, SPUC has been holding a witness outside the Supreme Court, considers a legal challenge claiming that Northern Ireland's abortion laws are in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. 

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC), supported by groups like Amnesty International, is campaigning for abortion to be allowed in the cases of "foetal anomaly" and sexual assault.

SPUC's witness has been focusing on the right to life of disabled babies. SPUC's Northern Ireland Development Officer Liam Gibson, who was outside the court all day, said: "It's been a really positive day. So many people came up to us and supported what we were doing, including several people who have family members with Down's syndrome. People naturally understood the injustice of aborting a child simply because they have a disability." 

The case and witness has attracted a lot of media attention, with Mr Gibson and other pro-life campaigners quoted by the BBC, Reuters, and Sky News, among others. 


News in brief:

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