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Euthanasia bill defeated in New South Wales

16 November 2017

Opponents of the bill outside the NSW Parliament. 

It came down to the wire.

The Parliament of New South Wales, Australia, has voted against a bill to legalise euthanasia. After a heated and emotional debate lasting all day and into the night, the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill was defeated by 20 votes to 19.

The legislation, introduced by Nationals MP Trevor Khan, would have legislated for euthanasia for patients over the age of 25 expected to die in the next twelve months. The bill was introduced in NSW's upper house, and even had it passed there, it would likely have fallen through in the Legislative Assembly, with both Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Opposition Leader Luke Foley opposing it.

A dangerous bill defeated

Isaac Spencer, Campaigns Director for Right to Life NSW told SPUC: "For the second time in 2017, NSW has seen a dangerous anti-life bill. And for the second time, that bill has been defeated at the first stage.

"This vote went down to the wire, a fair reflection both of the enormous emotional significance of this debate, and the intense pressure put on by powerful lobby groups like Dying With Dignity.  I am incredibly humbled by the herculean efforts of the pro-life MLCs who worked tirelessly to defeat this dangerous bill. Special thanks are due to Labor MLC Greg Donnelly, a true champion and leader of the pro-life movement."

In the state of Victoria, another euthanasia bill has passed the lower house, and is being amended in the upper. 

News in brief:

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