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Oklahoma calls on officials to stop murder of unborn children

15 May 2017

​Oklahoma state Rep. Chuck Strohm. 

The Oklahoma House of Representatives has passed a resolution criticising Roe v Wade and directing officials to "stop the murder of innocent unborn children by abortion."

House Resolution 1004, which had 20 Republican sponsors, was introduced by Republican Rep. Chuck Strohm, R-Jenks. It does not carry the weight of law but is regarded as a statement of official policy.

Stop the murder

Resolution 1004 is introduced as: "A Resolution directing every public official in Oklahoma to exercise their authority to stop murder of unborn children by abortion; directing Oklahoma judges not to interfere with Legislature's right to clarify Oklahoma criminal law; and directing distribution."

The text invokes the Declaration of Independence and the fact that the "Constitution of the United States mandates that no state shall deprive any human being of life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness without due process of law," saying that "elective abortion deprives human beings of the protections of these laws".

Criticism of Roe v Wade

It also specifically criticises the ruling which allowed for abortion in the US, saying that the "Supreme Court of the United States overstepped its authority and jurisdiction by offering opinions in Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, and other abortion-related cases".

Because of this, it resolves that "every public official in Oklahoma, including but not limited to sheriffs, district attorneys, judges and justices, the Attorney General, and the Governor, is directed to exercise their authority as appropriate in their respective jurisdictions to stop the murder of innocent unborn children by abortion."

According to LifeSiteNews, Oklahoma has a three-day waiting period for abortion and an informed consent law, but the state pays for abortions in cases of rape or incest or if a mother's health is in danger.

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