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"Strip Marie Stopes of its licence" SPUC and Life launch joint petition

6 March 2017

The petition is a joint initiative between Life and SPUC, two of the country's most prominent pro-life groups.

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children and Life have formed a united front to have Marie Stopes stripped of its abortion licence in light of recent scandals and in the wake of a probe which has lifted the lid on the nation’s shameful abortion industry.

The launching of a joint petition comes in the wake of revelations alleging that the country’s second largest abortion provider - Marie Stopes - has been approving thousands of abortions without meeting women, with some discussions of the reason for the abortion lasting as little as 22 seconds.

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Undercover investigation

It was reported in the Daily Mail that the organisation has been signing off abortions following short telephone conversations, without the woman seeing the two doctors who authorise the abortion.

Undercover reporters also allege that following a telephone consultation, the official note of the woman’s reason for having the abortion was completely different from what she had said on the phone.

A mockery of the law

In a press release, John Smeaton, chief executive of SPUC, explained why the petition was launched, saying: "If true, these allegations are nothing less than a scandal and demonstrate exactly how the abortion industry regularly and with impunity makes a mockery of the law.

"Recent Care Quality Commission reports have detailed quite horrific criticisms of Marie Stopes. So it does not come as so much of a surprise to discover that apparently doctors have been approving thousands of abortions without meeting women, with some discussions of the reason for the abortion lasting as little as 22 seconds."

The government must move now

Stephen Sharpe, chief executive of Life, said: "This investigation shows that Marie Stopes’ promises that they have improved their ‘service’ since the CQC inspection are completely empty. Two doctors signing off abortions in good faith is a key requirement of the Act. The government must move now to revoke the license of this organisation which blatantly flouts the law and is so cavalier with the lives and health of women."

The petition

The petition reads: "In view of their appalling treatment of women, and recognising that every abortion takes the life of an unborn baby, we the undersigned call on the Secretary of State for Health to withdraw from Marie Stopes International (MSI) their licence to carry out abortions."

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