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Rebecca Kiessling and Dr Levatino tell Citizens' Assemby to protect unborn babies

8 March 2017


Pro-life advocates Rebecca Kiessling and Dr Tony Levatino, both of whom have spoken at SPUC conferences, spoke in front of the Citizen's Assembly in Ireland last weekend.

The Citizens' Assembly is currently meeting to discuss whether a referendum should be held on repealing the Eighth Amendment, a clause in the Irish constitution which upholds the equal right to life of mother and baby. Last weekend's session featured presentations from advocacy groups on both sides of the abortion debate.

"Don't let the genie out of the bottle"

Dr Anthony Levatino, who spoke at SPUC's Youth Conference the day before the Assembly session, and who appeared on behalf of Women Hurt, began his speech saying, "In my career, I performed 1200 abortions and everything I tell you is first-hand and true". After detailing the process of a late term abortion, and sharing how he stopped performing them after his daughter Heather was tragically killed, he said of legalising abortion: "Don't let this genie out of the bottle - it won't go back again". 


"It's a barbaric society that punishes innocent babies"

Another speaker who made a powerful impression on the Assembly members was Rebecca Kiessling, the president and founder of Save the One, who was representing Youth Defence. Rebecca was conceived in rape, and she urged the audience to punish rapists, not give the innocent child the death sentence through abortion. "It's a barbaric society that punishes innocent babies", she concluded. Watch Rebecca's talk at SPUC's 50th Anniversary Conference.


Other speakers advocating to protect the Eighth amendment included Patrick Carr of Family and Life, Cora Sherlock of Pro-Life Campaign, and Dr Orla Halpenny of Doctors for Life. All the assembly sessions are available on youtube.

While these serious discussions have been going on at the Citizen's Assembly, abortion advocates in Ireland have been engaging in a number of publicity stunts, including "going on strike" by booking a day off work, and driving an "abortion bus" around Ireland. 

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