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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Young women to DUP MPs: "those who say that you are a danger to women’s rights do not speak for us"

21 June 2017

Ian Paisley MP, Gavin Robinson MP and Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP with 10 pro-life young women. Image: Amy Poduval.

Yesterday, 10 young women presented DUP MPs with flowers, thanking them for their defence of the unborn. Read the press release

In the last few weeks, the DUP have come under violent attack for their pro-life beliefs, which have come under heavy scrutiny during the ongoing negotiations to back up the minority Conservative government.

Above party politics 

Presenting the flowers, SPUC communications officer Alithea Williams said:  

"I’m here with ten young women. We’re here because we have been horrified by the recent attacks against you in the media and from other politicians because of your pro-life stance. The sanctity of human life is an issue that rises above party politics, so no one should receive the abuse you have been receiving for believing in the right to life of unborn babies."

"We wanted to say that those who say that you are a danger to women’s rights do not speak for all women. They do not speak for us. They do not speak for the majority of women in this country who are uncomfortable with the vast scale of abortion in England, Wales and Scotland, which has led to the deaths of nearly 8.7 million unborn babies in the last 50 years."

Ian Paisley MP, Gavin Robinson MP and Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP with Alithea Williams.

The young women brought white flowers for each of the ten DUP MPs. As Alithea told the MPs, the white flower is a SPUC emblem, and "has its origins in Germany during the Second World War and symbolises what can be achieved by standing up for what is right in a peaceful manner but with determination even in the face of hostility and oppression."

During the meeting, the women thanked the MPs for their work in keeping abortion out of Northern Ireland, and in opposing the decriminalisation agenda in the rest of the UK. It was pointed out that their views are in tune with the vast majority of people - 99% in a recent poll - who oppose abortion up until birth.

After the meeting, Alithea said: "It was lovely to see how encouraged the MPs were that there are people, young women, who appreciate the stand they take for the unborn. Saying thank you is a small thing, but it was important to let them know that the abuse they have been getting for being pro-life does not represent the views of all women."

News in brief:

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Comments (1)

  • Denis

    22 June 2017, 6:18am

    Thank you Ladies ! What a kind thought and a lovely gesture too. Just look at all the smiles !

    And it is such a strong yet civilised reproof to the disgraced Scottish Prime Minister, as she slides inexorably downwards in the polls. It’s clear she will try absolutely anything to keep her position. So many Scots must be embarrassed for her. Let’s hope and pray her fading and unlovely star is making its lonely way to oblivion.

    The DUP are not my idea of political bedfellows, but they seem to be fully for Life ! That is so rare, they must be encouraged, as you have done. Once you are convinced of the righteousness of the whole Life philosophy, your own life changes completely - for the better.

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