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"Incomparable work for unborn children and their mothers" - Prof Jack Scarisbrick steps down as Life Chairman

13 January 2017

Professor Scarisbrick has also been at the cutting edge of educational work about abortion.

Life Charity has announced that founder and Chairman Prof Jack Scarisbrick has stepped down after 47 years. His wife Nuala, with whom he founded Life in 1970 in response to the 1967 Abortion Act, has also stepped down from the Board of Trustees.

John Smeaton, SPUC's chief executive said: "I know that all of SPUC's supporters will join me in thanking and congratulating Professor Scarisbrick on his incomparable work for unborn children and their mothers.

"For over 45 years through the work of Life, Professor Jack Scarisbrick has built a compassionate and life-saving network of support for mothers facing hardship during pregnancy. His work has been a jewel in the crown of the pro-life movement in Britain.

"Professor Scarisbrick has also been at the cutting edge of educational work about abortion. His publication 'What's Wrong with Abortion' was what convinced me personally in 1973 that defending the lives of unborn children was the greatest human rights struggle of the 20th century."

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  • Michael Willis

    15 January 2017, 7:33pm

    Jack is an inspirational leader within the pro-life movement. Ably supported by Nuala they are the golden couple of the movement. Always gracious, patient and polite, despite putting in so much hard work and facing so many set-backs over the last 47 years. Their legacy will be far-reaching and they deserve a rest.

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  • Robert Hartness

    28 July 2017, 2:53pm

    I met Nuala, and subsequently, Jack in1971 after my late wife Patricia spoke at Pro-life rally in Middlesbrough Town Hall. In the eighties, Jack and I attended the Catholic UK National Congress. Then during my stint as one of two National Education Officers for Life and came to know both Jack and Nuala very well indeed.

    So, it is with some authority regarding their contribution to their task of leadingthe anti-abortion fight I now pay tribute to their lifelong tenacity in doing everything within their power to reverse the Abortion Act. Notably their vision did not stop there. They set up a national network of Life Care Homes to provide financial and emotional support for girls and women who. We're contemplating abortion. My late wife, Patricia, was a Life Counsellor in the Middlesbrough area. So I can personally confirm the positive effect and the practical help offered by that facilty

    Finally, way back in the days of Life support for the Corrie private members bill, we were active in collecting 20,000 signatures in our area as part of the National Campaign by Life and SPUC to reverse the Abortion Bill. Nuala and Jack have devoted their entire lives to declaring, as have all anti-abortionists,in saying the horrors of Abortion and its murderous attack on innocent life in the womb, is happening "NOT IN MY NAME"

    I wish Nuala and Jack every joy in their golden days. They have done their very best and no one could do more.

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