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INCREDIBLE: 20 week scan gives new window to the womb

9 February 2017

Baby is seen staring at the camera and pulling on the umbilical cord.  

An amazing new MRI scan is giving a clearer view than ever into the womb.

Scroll down to see the video!

This short video, created by the iFIND project, shows a 24-second scan of a 20-week-old baby - who can be seen stretching, fiddling with the umbilical cord and turning its neck.

Using algorithms, magnetic fields and radio waves, the new-style scan creates extra-high quality moving footage. The entire womb is captured so parents - and doctors - have a really clear idea of what exactly baby is up to.

"Truly breathtaking" 

The film has been given to video parenting site to share with pregnant mums around the world.Cathy Ranson, editor of said: 'Scans are amazing as they help mums, dads and even other family members bond with their baby.

'There is nothing quite as emotional as seeing your unborn child moving inside you, and these MRI scans are taking images to the next level. They are truly breathtaking.'

Changing the debate?

The video shows a baby at 20 weeks - 4 weeks before the legal limit for most abortions. The Daily Mail reports: "The incredible detail reveals just how fully formed a foetus is at 20 weeks."


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Comments (3)
  • emma page

    17 February 2017, 9:49pm

    This video NEEDS to be published as widely as possible. Showing this short clip at school talks and telling kids that unborn babies older than this can be legally aborted will have a huge impact on them.

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  • emma page

    17 February 2017, 9:51pm

    Additionally, could this clip be shown to MPs invited to the nationwide S.P.U.C anti abortion meetings being held in 2017 across the country?

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  • 718127

    23 October 2017, 3:13am


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