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Josie Cunningham: Abortion "the biggest mistake of her life"

20 April 2017

​Josie Cunningham describes the tattoo as a 'shrine' to her unborn child. Image: Adrian Dewey/

Controversial star Josie Cunningham has revealed a new tattoo to commemorate the baby she aborted in 2015, which she describes as the "biggest mistake of her life".

Ms Cunningham first made headlines for planning to have an abortion so that she could appear on reality TV show Big Brother, before going through with an abortion in 2015 in order to have plastic surgery. In 2016, she said publicly that she regrets having an abortion, adding that it left her in "a vulnerable place" and in need of professional help.

Abortion something she'll never forget

Now she has unveiled a new tattoo to OK! magazine in memory of her baby. A source told the magazine that the tattoo sleeve included dates and poignant quotes. "She has had a cherub tattooed onto her, the abortion date of '22-09-15' and quotes such as: "Forget what hurt you in the past, never forget what it taught you', along with a tattoo of the virgin Mary shedding a tear, and many others to make up a full sleeve.

"She refers to her sleeve tattoo as her 'shrine' to her unborn baby, many people bury their shame and try to forget about the decision to terminate their child - but Josie believes its something she would never forget, it's like she's punishing herself."

Don't make the same mistake

Explaining the reason for the tattoo, the insider said: "Josie has openly admitted that she regrets her abortion, it's the biggest mistake of her life and something she talks about openly. She has had so much abuse over talking about her abortion U-turn in 2014 and the abortion she went through with in 2015 - she believes that it's a subject that needs to be talked about more and takes the insults on the chin in the hope others won't make the same mistakes as she did.

"She knows talking about her abortion decisions will never make her popular, but she believes that it's more important to try help other women than it it is to gain popularity."

Speaking out good for all women 

Clare Bremner, a counsellor with the Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline said: "The more women find the courage to speak out publicly about how abortion has hurt them, the more others will be encouraged to speak up and find help. This can only be a good thing for all women."

ARCH is dedicated to providing emotional, psychological and spiritual support through counselling and supportive help.  They offer support to anyone affected by abortion, personally or professionally - parents, grandparents, siblings, nurses or doctors. If you have been affected by abortion and want to talk to someone, call the helpline on 0845 603 8501, or visit their website.

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