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News Summary 21 September

21 September 2016

​A film with a pro-life theme has won several secular film awards

Christian pro-life film wins awards at secular film festivals

Voiceless, a pro-life themed film written and directed by Pat Necerato (director of Bella) has already won several awards from secular film festivals in America ahead of its official release in October.

The drama has been honoured as the "Best Feature" at the Northeast Film Festival. It also won "Best Feature Film" at the California Independent Film Festival and the People's Choice for "Best Feature Film".

Scroll down to watch the trailer for the film!

Hospices in New Zealand tell MPs they oppose euthanasia

Hospices have told the New Zealand Parliament's health select committee that they oppose legalising voluntary euthanasia.

The committee is currently listening to public opinion on euthanasia, and will report its findings to Parliament, in response to a petition asking for a law change.

Directors of several hospices expressed their concern about a possible law change. Andrew Leys, chief executive of Hospice Southland, told the committee that hospice workers often faced questions about euthanasia from patients.

"The vast majority move beyond the point of wanting euthanasia," he said. "My team is concerned that voluntary euthanasia could lead to less support for people to help them cope with their circumstances."

The director of Mary Potter Hospice, Brian Ensor, said hospices would have to be kept entirely separate from any euthanasia. "The last days of living should be made as comfortable as possible, and it may involve sedation," he said. "But euthanasia as a solution would be very problematic."

First new abortion clinic in 40 years opens in Oklahoma

A Kansas based foundation has opened a new facility in Oklahoma city- the first new abortion clinic in the state for 40 years.

The Trust Women South Wind Women's Center opened last week. Its founder Julie Burkhart said she expects the facility will perform about 1500 abortions in its first year, increasing to as many as 3000 after a few years. LifeNews reports that if Burkhart meets her goals, her new facility would increase Oklahoma's abortion rate by more than 50 percent. They also report that Burkhart and her abortion facilities have poor reputations for patient care and safety.

Since the closing of Oklahoma City's last abortion centre two years ago, it had until now been the largest metropolitan area in the United States with no abortion facilities.

Urgent appeal - clergy request for pro-life conference sponsorship

SPUC has received a request on behalf of a community of five Franciscans who would like to attend SPUC's 50th Anniversary Conference this weekend.

As Franciscans living a vow of poverty, they have no money! SPUC's conference sponsorship fund is exhausted. Could you help sponsor one of the Brothers either for £55 for one day, or £180 for the whole conference weekend?

Please contact us urgently - email:

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