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News Summary 15 September

15 September 2016

Amnesty is now leading pro-abortion campaigns in Northern Ireland

Amnesty International renews call for abortion in Northern Ireland

In light of the resignation of a paediatric pathologist who called for a change in Northern Ireland’s law prohibiting abortion on grounds of disability, Amnesty International has released a press statement calling for “urgent change” in the Province’s abortion laws.  

Patrick Corrigan, Amnesty’s Northern Ireland Programme Director, said that the Northern Irish Assembly has “to date, turned its back on women in Northern Ireland who require access to abortion.”

Comment: Amnesty changed its neutral stance on the issue of abortion in April 2007 and is now leading pro-abortion campaigns in Northern Ireland and other countries with laws upholding the right to life before birth. 

Education Secretary said to be considering making sex education compulsory in secondary schools

 Justine Greening, the Education Secretary, is said to be “carefully considering” making sex education compulsory in secondary schools.

When asked if she wanted to make sex education compulsory, she said: “It’s an area I’m looking at and I haven’t reached a formal view. You’re right to ask the question about what it will take to make sure we do a stronger job.” Ms Greening’s remarks follow a recent report by the Women and Equalities Committee, which called for mandatory sex-and-relationship education (SRE) for all school students.  The Chair of the Education Committee, Neil Carmichael, also seems to be in favour of such a move, saying “I am pleased that the new Secretary of State is carefully considering mandating this.”

Find out more about SRE at SPUC’s Safe at School Campaign page.

Bishops Condemn “Catholics for Choice” media campaign

 U.S bishops and lay leaders have reacted strongly to a recent media campaign by abortion lobby group “Catholics for Choice”.

The group launched its “Abortion in Good Faith” campaign on 12 September. Major newspapers across the U.S carried a full page ad with the words “Public funding of abortion is a Catholic social-justice value.” However, Bishop Kevin J. Farrell of Dallas wrote in The Dallas Morning Review “...I want your readers to know that Catholics for choice is not a true Catholic organization. Nor does it adhere to Catholic teaching. Instead, Catholics for Choice is a lobby group based in Washington, D.C., funded by the pro-abortion lobby.” He went on to say “Catholic teaching states that every human being has an inherent dignity from conception to natural death. Therefore, all human life must be protected. Catholics and bona fide Catholic organizations know this.”

Researcher calls for animal-human embryo research to proceed, “with strong animal protections”

The science journal Nature has published a call by a Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine researcher, Insoo Hyun, for animal-human embryo research to proceed - but only with strong animal protections in place.

So-called "chimera" research aims to produce human organs in genetically modified large animals, such as pigs and sheep. Hyun writes of the need to protect animal welfare, noting that “grounding the ethics and regulation of human-animal chimera research in anything other than animal welfare would invite serious practical and philosophical difficulties." In response to critics worried about animal welfare, he says that they must “...explain why animal embryos containing human cells deserve serious consideration of their moral status - enough to potentially rule out their use - when standard human embryos can be used in other projects."

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