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Two important television programmes broadcast tonight

5 October 2016

Actress Sally Phillips presents "A World Without Down's Syndrome?" which airs tonight at 9pm on BBC2. 

A documentary on screening for Down's Syndrome, and a Dispatches episode on pavement counselling, are both due to air tonight.

The actress Sally Phillips, whose son Olly has Down's syndrome, is presenting a BBC2 documentary called "A World Without Down's Syndrome?" which screens at 9pm.

Later, at 11pm, Channel 4 is broadcasting "Undercover: Britain's Abortion Extremists." SPUC has expressed concernsthat the programme makers excluded the voices of women who have been helped by pavement counsellors.

See SPUC's blog on what to expect from the programme.

If, after watching the programme, you want to submit a complaint, you can do so on the Ofcom website.

Mother hits out at doctors who pressure women into having abortions

A mother who has a child with Down's syndrome has spoken out about how doctors have tried to pressure her into screening her unborn baby.

She said that to protect herself from attempts to persuade her to have an abortion she made sure her medical records clearly stated she did not wish to be screened. Despite this, doctors still asked if they wanted the test after they found out her daughter Scarlett has Down's syndrome.

The mother, Emma, said: "The GP told me they will want to screen me nice and early to make sure this baby doesn't also have it.

‘It is hurtful, I love Scarlett, she’s amazing. Why wouldn’t I want another child exactly like her?

Emma and Scarlett appear in tonight's documentary "A World Without Down's Syndrome?"

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  • wendy walker

    6 October 2016, 10:18am

    Please complain about last nights Documentary on Channel 4

    Also send thank you cards to brave Sally fro her amazing programme re Downs Children
    Every letter will count so please contribute here is a golden chance for Pro Life people

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