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Donald Trump is US president- what next?

9 November 2016

The challenge for pro-lifers is now beginning

Donald Trump has beaten Hillary Clinton to become president of the United States, an event which could have huge significance for the American pro-life movement.

Donald Trump's changing positions on abortion have given many pro-lifers cause for concern, but his victory in the 8 November election means that Hillary Clinton, a vocal advocate of abortion, will not become president.

Hard-line pro-abortion position not resonating with the American public

"This result is hugely significant," said SPUC's general secretary Paul Tully. "It shows that the hard-line pro-abortion position of people like Hillary Clinton is not resonating with the American public. Yesterday, Google Trends revealed that 'abortion' was the top search about Mrs Clinton. In addition, a recent Marist poll showed that 80% of Americans disagree with her position that abortion should be legal up to birth."

​Google trends showed that abortion was the number one thing people wanted to know about Hillary Clinton.


"Hillary Clinton's extreme position on abortion - denying all protection to life in the womb - was clearly a strong factor in her defeat," continued Mr Tully. "The challenge for our friends in the states is to take advantage of the opportunities that Mr Trump's presidency offers; stopping government funding of abortion, ensuring that pro-life Supreme Court justices are appointed, and promoting pro-life legislation at state and federal level."

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