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Colorado votes to legalise assisted suicide

9 November 2016

​Laws on assisted suicide/euthanasia are passed at a state level in the US.

Colorado has become the sixth US state to approve medically assisted suicide.

As well as electing a new president yesterday, American voters also decided on a number of state specific issues, known as state initiatives. In Colorado, a law to allow a mentally competent adult with a six months to live &and the approval of two doctors to request suicide drugs was approved.

The change was backed by the Compassion and Choices Action Network, which campaigns for assisted suicide across the United States.

Man jailed after forcing his 14 year old girlfriend to have an abortion

A man has been jailed after he made a 14-year-old girl pregnant and threatened to kill the unborn child unless she had an abortion.

Mr Lee Bremridge, prosecuting, said the relationship started in 2015 when the girl was 14 and ended in September when her mother called in the police.

He said: "The girl described how in June she told him she was pregnant and from that point his attitude changed. He told her to get an abortion and if she did not he would kill the baby himself.

"Although she was confused about what she should do, she went ahead with the abortion. In the months that followed she tried to end the relationship but he refused, telling her it wasn't an option."

Thomas Montgomery, who had been in the care system since the age of 12, admitted five offences of sexual activity with a child and was sent to a Young Offenders Institution for 12 months.

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