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Abortions in Hungary drop by a quarter in five years

2 November 2016

This campaign from 2011 says "I understand that you are not yet ready for me, but give me up to the adoption agency, LET ME LIVE!"

Hungary Today reports that the number of abortions in Hungary has dropped by a quarter since Prime Minister Viktor Orbán took office.

According to the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Ministry of Human Capacities, the number of abortions in Hungary fell by 23% between 2010 and 2015 - 9000 in real terms.

The Hungarian government actively tries to reduce the number of abortions, by arranging adoptions and encouraging family aid. Orbán was criticised for using EU money to fund a 2011 pro-life campaign which involved posters in bus-stops promoting adoption.

The truth about abortion aftercare

The medical website NetDoctor has published an article on the emotional impact of abortion.

The article recounts the testimony of two women who have had abortions. One feels she made the right choice, but the other says: "I have never regretted anything more in my life, and if there was anything I could ever take back, that abortion would be it." Neither woman was offered any kind of aftercare.

The article calculates that there could be up to 36,000 women experiencing prolonged emotional difficulties after an abortion.

Study says pregnancy loss “could put women at high risk of PTSD”

Women who suffer a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy could be at high risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to new research. Researchers from Imperial College London found that three months after their loss, 38% of the 113 women surveyed met criteria for probablePTSD.

Dr Jessica Farren, lead author of the research, said: "We were surprised at the high number of women who experienced symptoms of PTSD after early pregnancy loss. At the moment there is no routine follow-up appointment for women who have suffered a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy."

Abortion campaigner could get €45,000 from state

A woman who legally challenged Ireland's pro-life laws may receive up to €45,000 in compensation after a UN Human Rights Committee ruled that she had been subjected to cruel and degrading treatment under the Eighth Amendment.

Amanda Mellet travelled to the UK for an abortion after a diagnosis of "fatal foetal abnormality". The UN ruling said that Ireland had to offer Ms Mellet compensation and take steps to ensure no other woman would go through the same experience, including changing the constitution if necessary. The Irish government has three weeks left to offer compensation and respond to the UN.

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