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Holly Willoughby left visibly shaken by description of abortion

24 May 2016

The presenter and mother-of-3 was left visibly upset by the description of a late-term abortion

TV presenter Holly Willoughby was left visibly shaken and upset on This Morning when a guest explained the procedure for a late-term abortion.

The mother-of-three covered her mouth with her hands and could be heard exclaiming "My God, no!" during a discussion on the daytime TV programme about how late abortions are carried out and the physical effect on the unborn child (VIDEO BELOW).

Journalist and expectant mother Nilufer Atik and agony aunt Hilary Freeman were both guests on ITV programme This Morning for a debate over Britain’s abortion laws, focusing particularly on late-term abortions.

Royal College of Midwives

The debate was being held because of the recent decision by the Royal College of Midwives to join the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) in campaigning for full decriminalisation of abortion on demand up to birth.

As SPUC reported, there has been a fierce backlash by midwives against the RCM’s announced change of stance.

In particular, Cathy Warwick’s position has been called into question after it emerged that the Chief Executive of the RCM is also the chair of BPAS and has been heavily involved in their work for at least five years.

The debate was being held as a result of the furore over the RCM's new pro-abortion stance

"Literally dismembered"

On This Morning, Holly became increasingly uncomfortable as Nilufer went into detail about the "barbaric" procedures of late-term abortions.

"What is the difference between aborting that child the day before he or she is due to be born and murdering that child the instant he or she is born. I don't see the difference. The child is still a fully formed human being who has a right to live," Nilufer said.

"I think a lot of people don't realise, in the very late stages of pregnancy how barbaric an abortion is. The fetus is literally dismembered inside of you."

Journalist and expectant mother Nilufer Atik talked about the right to life of the baby

Late-term abortions

Hilary then interjected, claiming: "That's not the case. In late terminations a woman has to go through full childbirth."

Nilufer continued: "Well that's what I've read and been told... That is in itself is traumatic. If they can't get the baby out I've been told that they might crush the spine or skull with forceps."

At this point Holly audibly gasped and exclaimed "Oh God, no!" as she struggled to listen to the women discussing the procedure. She then covered her face with her hands as co-presenter Philip Schofield quickly interjected to try to bring the conversation back to broader terms.

Co-presenter Philip Schofield quickly tried to move away from the details of the abortion procedure

Who's right?

Nilufer appears to be describing a dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion, where the unborn child is indeed dismembered in order for the abortion to be carried out.

D&E abortions tend to be performed only in later stages of pregnancy. Vacuum aspiration abortions – where the unborn child is dismembered by a suction machine – are a more common early surgical technique, as explained in our Methods of Abortion section.

However, there are also different abortion procedures which will cause the unborn baby to be stillborn.

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    24 May 2016, 9:53pm

    This shows how much work we have to do to educate the general public, when someone who works in the media does not seem to know what an abortion involves. However, it is also an opportunity, because if we can spread this knowledge it will undoubtedly help to bring about the end of abortion.

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