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World's oldest man with Down's syndrome celebrates 76th birthday

14 March 2016

Kenny recently celebrated his 76th birthday at a care home in Somerset with loved ones

Kenny Cridge is the world's oldest living man with Down's syndrome.

Born in 1940, he's described by staff at Wisteria House care home, near Yeovil, Somerset, as a 'true gent' and an 'absolute darling' who 'loves being with people'.

But it could have all been very different, as Kenny was so nearly just another tragic statistic.

Left at birth

He was left for dead at birth by doctors who thought he was stillborn.

When Kenny was born during the Second World War, his mother Iris was unaware she was having twins - only realising when Kenny's sister Dorothy was born moments later. Hospital staff initially thought Kenny was a stillborn and set him aside, focusing on the birth of his sister.

But as Kenny began to show signs of life he was resuscitated by doctors.

At the time Kenny was born, the average life expectancy for people with Down's was just 12 years. Yet remarkably, he recently celebrated his 76th birthday.

Kenny is described as affectionate and smiling by care home staff

"Kenny is an absolute joy to be with"

Home manager Ann Nicholson said:

"To some this may not be a landmark age, however, for Kenny this is another milestone.

"Kenny is an absolute joy to be with every day. He's smiling most of the day; before he goes to bed and when he wakes up he's smiling.

"He is a true gentleman and a gentle man. He loves affection and his food."

Kenny's long life, and the joy he gives to all those who he meets, are a stark contrast to the eugenic abortion policy operating in the UK.

92% abortion rate

Under the 1967 Abortion Act, abortion is legal all the way up to birth for unborn children with a disability - leading to the routine killing of children with conditions like spina bifida, cleft palate, club foot and Down's syndrome.

More than nine in ten of all unborn children diagnosed with Down's syndrome are aborted - 92%. If Kenny had been deliberately left to die at birth, how would that have been any different?

Instead, Kenny Cridge has lived a long and happy life - and one which has brought happiness and fulfilment to everyone who knows him.

The cake Kenny was presented with on his 76th birthday

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  • Kathy Dettwyler

    14 March 2016, 7:34pm

    I'm sitting here in tears. This is so amazing and wonderful. My sweet son with Down syndrome is only 30 years old. If he lives to be 76, that means I'd better hang on to 106+. Need to start taking better care of myself. Thanks.

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