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8 Amazing Glimpses Of Unborn Animals In The Womb

8 March 2016

National Geographic's 2009 series In The Womb: Extreme Animals used cutting-edge technology to take a look at animals before birth.

By using 3D ultrasound scans, computer graphics and nano cameras, producer Peter Chinn was able to create breathtaking images of unborn animals. These pictures offer a rare glimpse at the beauty of the unborn animal kingdom:

1. Dolphin

2. Elephant

3. Snake

4. Cheetah

5. Shark

6. Penguin

7. Kitten

8. Just a clump of cells?

Oh wait - that's a human being, right? Yes, of course it is! Abortion advocates try to dehumanise human beings before birth but they can't change science, nor can they hide what these images clearly show.

We can all recognise a dolphin or an elephant when it's in the womb. Well, an unborn human child is still a human being - and that means he or she has human rights.

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