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Teacher has abortion after sex with 13-year-old student, police report

3 June 2016

Alexandria Vera allegedly began having sex with the underage boy last September and had an abortion after being confronted by social workers

A 24-year-old teacher who was having sex with her 13-year-old student had an abortion after social workers discovered their relationship, it has been claimed.

Alexandria Vera, a former English teacher at Stovall Middle School in Texas, allegedly met the underage boy during summer school and began having sex with him last September.

Confronted by social workers

According to an affidavit filed by police, Ms Vera discovered she was pregnant in January and had an abortion the following month after members of the Texas Department of Child Protective Services confronted unexpectedly her at school in February about the relationship.

Ms Vera initially denied the pregnancy and relationship, but later confirmed it to police, the affidavit states. The school's head teacher alerted police after receiving a tip about the relationship.

Ms Vera handed herself into police on Wednesday and has been charged with child sex abuse.

Family "supportive and excited" about the baby

According to court documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle, Ms Vera said she and the boy were in love and began having sex in September 2015. She said the boy brought her over for dinner and introduced her as his girlfriend, and that his parents accepted their relationship and were excited when they learned that she was pregnant. According to authorities, the boy's family even invited her to family gatherings.

"The family was supportive and excited about the baby," the affidavit states.


Ms Vera stated in the court documents that the student had asked her for her Instagram username so that they could follow each other last summer. She told authorities that what started as a flirtatious relationship later turned sexual in nature after they spent more time together.

Mr Vera said that the boy would frequently spend the night at her house and that she would drive him home the next morning so that he could ride the bus to school.

"That kid was always over [at Ms Vera's house] and she always told [neighbours] it was her brother," a neighbour told KHOU. "She was having a lot of kids in her home. There was drinking in the front. We always found beer bottles and beer cans on her side of the lawn and half of the (teens) did not look older than high school, maybe."

Unborn babies: second victims of sexual abuse

An officer with the school district had Ms Vera's phone forensically analysed and "found many messages" consistent with Ms Vera's story and with the victim's interviews. The boy told investigators that a sexual relationship with his teacher had, in fact, occurred.

As LifeNews reports, unborn babies are often second victims in sexual abuse cases like these:

In Ohio, a 14-year-old girl was impregnated by her 22-year-old soccer coach, a man who she and her parents trusted. The coach knew that he needed to get this “problem” taken care of as quietly as possible since the pregnancy was proof of his statutory rape – repeated statutory rape, in fact, that began almost a year earlier. He turned to Planned Parenthood. The coach later was convicted of sexual assault, and the abortion facility faced a lawsuit for failing to report the sexual abuse of the girl, LifeNews reported.

In an Arizona case, officials said Planned Parenthood failed to provide the proper report to authorities about a victim of a young man who is a serial rapist. Not only did Planned Parenthood fail to report the rape but, in so doing, it allowed the rapist to rape as many as 18 or more teenage girls, authorities said, making it so the abortion company is partially responsible for victimizing them as well.

Planned Parenthood abortion clinics have come under fire countless times over the years for not reporting cases of statutory rape to authorities as required by state law. In September 2015, Alliance Defending Freedom released a report cataloguing multiple instances of Planned Parenthood performing abortions on sexually abused minors and failing to report the rapes to authorities as required by law. Affiliates of Planned Parenthood Federation of America instead accepted money for the abortions and allowed the rapists to roam free without any notification to the proper authorities.

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