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Hillary Clinton claims victory in Democratic race

8 June 2016

Hillary Clinton has a long political track record of consistently pursuing an extreme pro-abortion agenda

Hillary Clinton has declared victory in the fight to become the US Democratic nominee for president, after winning four out of six of Tuesday’s primaries.

AP announced yesterday that Mrs Clinton has passed the delegate threshold needed to secure the nomination at the Democratic convention in July.

The next US president is set to have a pivotal impact on the abortion landscape, both in America and around the world. The future direction of the Supreme Court remains in the balance, since the staunchly pro-life Justice Antonin Scalia passed away in February and has yet to be replaced.

"The most pro-abortion president in history"

Following wins in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota on Tuesday – but losses to her rival Bernie Sanders in Montana and North Dakota – Mrs Clinton has comfortably crossed the threshold of 2,383 delegates needed to become the Democratic nominee.

However, Mr Sanders has refused to quit the race and signalled his intention to continue campaigning against Mrs Clinton until the party’s convention in July. The Democratic nominee will face off against Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, in the presidential election in November.

Pro-life campaigners fear that Hillary Clinton could well eclipse even Obama’s record on abortion – a man who has been labelled "the most pro-abortion president in history" by some in the US due to his administration’s unflinching support of abortion-on-demand.

Obama was the only senator to vote against protections for babies born alive after failed abortions

Support for Planned Parenthood

Both Obama and Clinton have given their full public backing to Planned Parenthood at a time when it has been mired by scandal. An ongoing expose by the Centre for Medical Progress and David Daleiden has revealed the abortion giant seemingly profiting from the sale of unborn baby body parts, as well as violating a number of other laws.

While in the Illinois senate, Mr Obama also refused to vote in favour of the state’s Born-Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) – introduced to insure that babies who survive attempted abortions were provided the same medical care and treatment as any other infant born alive.

He was the only senator to vote against the bill, which was introduced after evidence was presented that babies born alive after unsuccessful abortions were simply discarded in utility closets without food, care, or medical treatment until they died.

"The unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights"

However, Mrs Clinton also has a long political track record of consistently pursuing an extreme pro-abortion agenda. She is the only presidential primary candidate to ever be officially endorsed by Planned Parenthood, and has also been endorsed by other pro-abortion groups such as NARAL and Emily’s List.

During this year’s campaign, she has declared that "the unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights" and has consistently attacked any candidate who has stood up for the rights of unborn children.

The Democratic nominee will face off against Donald Trump in November's presidential election

Supreme Court nominee

Mrs Clinton has also signalled that any candidate she would nominate for the Supreme Court – either as a replacement for Justice Scalia or in the event of any future vacancy – would be fully pro-abortion.

As the court is currently split 4-4 on many abortion-related issues, Justice Scalia’s replacement could be one of the most significant turning points in the next decade. There are several court cases - either currently in motion or on the horizon - which could have long-lasting repercussions in the fight against abortion.

Just as the Supreme Court legalised abortion across all 50 states in Roe v Wade, it could also choose to strike down many of the restrictions that pro-lifers have put in place – or, by upholding them, could give hope to pro-life campaigners of overturning Roe v Wade altogether.

Defunding Planned Parenthood

Although President Obama has nominated a replacement for Justice Scalia, the Republican-controlled Senate has signalled its intent to block any confirmation attempt until after the election in November.

The next president could also have the opportunity to sign into law a bill which would defund Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion business in the United States. President Obama has signalled his firm intention to veto any such bill, and it is all but certain that Mrs Clinton would do the same.

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    8 June 2016, 10:35pm

    What a choice! Trump and Clinton. If elected Trump would probably be as pro-abortion as Clinton, but the Clinton camp would delight in painting him as pro-life. We should pray for this situation and for the American people - especially the unborn and their mothers.

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