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Doritos advert shows the humanity of unborn children

19 February 2016

The advert has been watched by nearly 10 million people on YouTube in the past fortnight

A advert showing an expectant couple going for an ultrasound has gone viral, showcasing the humanity of unborn children - and drawing the ire of pro-abortion groups.

​The advert was shown at the 2016 Superbowl to an average audience of 111.9 MILLION people - nearly twice the population of the entire UK.

In the 30-second clip, the mum and dad are in a doctor's office for an ultrasound scan of their baby. However, the mum's joyful delight at seeing their unborn child for the first time quickly changes to irritation when she realises that her husband is more interested in eating Doritos (well, it is an advertisement after all!)

The humorous twist comes when it is revealed that their unborn baby is also after the Doritos - well of course, the tastebuds are fully developed by the 8th week of pregnancy!

Worldwide popularity

Since it was posted on YouTube two weeks ago, the advert has also been watched by nearly 10 million people online - reminding a worldwide audience of the humanity of unborn children.

And the reception has been enormously positive, with TV networks and commentators praising the ad for its originality and humour.

Of course, not everyone was happy to see unborn children being celebrated...

Pro-abortion fury 

The US based group NARAL took to Twitter to moan that the light-hearted commercial was guilty of "humanizing fetuses"

But the abortion group's tweet backfired spectacularly, as their unpopular stance came in for widespread ridicule:


You can watch the full superbowl commercial by Doritos below:

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