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The Big Bang Theory celebrates the humanity of unborn children

15 April 2016

Howard & Bernadette's unborn baby is welcomed and recognised as a person

The Big Bang Theory is one of the biggest sitcoms currently on TV – maybe not where you’d always expect to see a strong pro-life statement!

And yet in last week's episode, the series managed to capture an adorable, life-affirming moment pivoting around the unborn child of two of the main characters, Howard and Bernadette (scroll down for the video).

The 7 April episode showed both the expectant parents sitting together on the sofa with Howard’s best friend Raj. Howard moves a special microphone over his wife’s stomach that allows them to hear the baby’s heart beating.

"You guys made a person!"

The three friends sit in awe as they listen to the unborn baby’s heart thump through the speaker.

“Isn’t that the best?” Bernadette says.

“You guys made a person!” Raj adds, smiling in awe.

Howard snuggles close to his wife and says, “We did.”

Special moment

As LifeNews pointed out:

It is a special moment for several reasons. In a past season of the show, Bernadette said she did not want to have children, because she wanted to pursue her career. In real life, women sometimes have abortions because they say a baby would get in the way of their career. Bernadette could easily have taken that route; but her mind appears to be changed. She is excited to be a mother and in awe of her unborn child.

Even more so, the moment is heartwarming because the characters acknowledge that the unborn baby is a valuable human being, a “person.” Hollywood and the mainstream media don’t often do that. They typically bow to the pro-abortion rhetoric that avoids any language recognizing unborn babies for who they are.

The show’s admission that unborn children are – obviously – people is all the more striking as in the same week US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came under fire for saying that "the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights."

Doritos Super Bowl advert

The abortion industry has often had a difficult time trying to dance around the issue of whether or not human beings are people before birth. In February, NARAL, the US-based abortion lobby group, was widely ridiculed after they complained that a Super Bowl commercial was guilty of "humanizing fetuses".

It’s commendable that The Big Bang Theory, a show which revolves around science and technology, should show an example of how technology can be used for good – to highlight the humanity of an unborn child – rather than for destructive purposes, as it is in abortions.

And of course if there’s one scientific fact to remember, it’s this: every human being’s life begins at the moment of conception.

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