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Pro-Life Chains mark 48th anniversary of the Abortion Act

27 April 2016

Pro-life chains were held in city centres across the UK

City centres across the UK saw pro-life chains being held to mark the anniversary of the Abortion Act coming into effect in mainland Britain.

27 April marks the day that abortion became widely available in England, Scotland and Wales in 1968, since which more than eight million lives have been lost in 48 years.

As in previous years, SPUC’s supporters have sought to use the anniversary date to spread the message that abortion kills unborn children, but also to reach out with compassion to the many women suffering after abortion.

UK-wide demonstrations

On Saturday, pro-lifers formed lines next to main roads in city centres including London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Plymouth and more, holding placards with pro-life slogans to the view of passing drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Christine Hudson, a SPUC volunteer in Plymouth who organised the pro-life chain there, emphasised that the pro-life position is firmly grounded in respect for human rights:

"The right to life is the most basic of all human rights and is enshrined in international human rights documents such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child," Mrs Hudson said.

Pro-lifers protest against abortion in London

"Abortion is not a solution"

"Abortion is not a solution to a crisis pregnancy. Abortion is not healthcare. During an abortion, a baby dies and many women and men suffer remorse and regret for many years over what they have done.

"Women can also suffer physical damage which prevents them from having further children.

"Our placards feature slogans which communicate the pro-life message in a way which raises awareness that abortion is wrong, but also seeks to help those parents who have chosen, or may in the future choose, to abort their child. The placards advertise a dedicated counselling helpline for those suffering with a crisis pregnancy or who are having difficulty dealing with the aftermath of an abortion."

Public support

Mrs Hudson added that pro-life demonstrators received a warm response from drivers passing by, with "80% in favour and 20% against".

In Scotland, over 140 people turned out for one pro-life chain in Glasgow – an effort which one supporter described as their "best chain yet".

Here are a selection of photos from pro-life chains across the UK:

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Comments (2)


    27 April 2016, 9:51pm

    Well done to all those taking part in commemorating this sad anniversary. We are all victims of abortion, the 'invisible' killer.

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  • Paul Smith

    27 April 2016, 10:59pm

    Well done everyone involved. I myself was part of the Crosby chain in Liverpool.

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