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UNFPA earmarks millions for "reproductive health" in Nigeria

6 June 2015

The UNFPA is giving $75 million towards pro-abortion population control policies in Nigeria

The United Nations Population Fund has revealed that 75 million dollars have been earmarked from its funds for "reproductive health services and data generation in Nigeria".

The Executive Director of UNFPA, Babatunde Osotimehin, has claimed that child pregnancy is the biggest cause of maternal mortality and accounts for 30-40% of cases in Nigeria. Mr Osotimehin said that he had advised President Buhari to give "premium attention" to healthcare although Mr. Osotimehin said, "... UNFPA don't prescribe number of children [sic] for families, but we are saying that the woman should be able to make the choice of the number she can afford to have and when she wants to have it." [Premium Times, 31 May]

SPUC's UN envoy Patrick Buckley made the following statement on the announcement:

"UNFPA policy toward Nigeria, and other African countries, is rooted in population control with a focus on reducing the number of children women bear by the promotion of contraception and abortion, rather than making pregnancy and childbirth safer for all women.

"According to Kwame Fosu, Legal Affairs & Policy Director of the Rebecca Project for Justice, UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Osotimehin, a former Minister of Health in Nigeria, has specialised knowledge and insight that the contraceptives endorsed by UNFPA, USAID and IPPF such as, Depo Provera, Norplant, and Sayana Press (which are aggressively marketed in Africa) are lethal and restricted with severe health warnings. Nevertheless, they are promoted as "optimal contraception" for African women."

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