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Morning after pill officially made available to girls under 16

17 June 2015

The anti-birth drug is now "available for use by any women of reproductive age in Europe"

A brand of the morning-after pill has been officially licensed for use by girls under the age of sixteen.

The license for 'EllaOne' has been changed by the European medicines agency, and now this anti-birth drug is "available for use by any women of reproductive age in Europe." [Guardian, 15 June] 'EllaOne' will be available from any pharmacist that stocks it. 'EllaOne' is effective five days after intercourse and the recommended retail price is £34.95.

Girls wanting to buy 'EllaOne' will be asked questions assessing whether they are 'Gillick competent', meaning that they understand the consequences of taking the morning after pill. SPUC has released an official statement, which can be read here.

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