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Named Person wellbeing checks expose children to abuse

22 July 2015

The 'Named Person' scheme is a key policy of the Scottish National Party

Scottish police have reported that wellbeing assessments are leaving vulnerable children exposed to abuse.

Wellbeing assessments are part of the new Named Person scheme due to come into force across Scotland next year. Under the plans, every child in Scotland will be assigned a 'Named Person' who would perform the assessments. Police have identified the potential risk that wellbeing assessments could delay action in cases where evidence already exists of "abuse and or neglect deemed as criminal acts".

As such, assessments could delay action and leave at-risk children exposed. A spokesman for campaign group No to Named Persons (NO2NP) said: "Named Persons, unlike social workers, are not experts in handling child abuse cases." [Christian Institute, 20 July]

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