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More contraception not the answer to high levels of repeat abortions

31 March 2014

Widespread use of contraception does not reduce abortion rates

More contraception is not the answer to high levels of repeat abortions, says SPUC.

SPUC was reacting to newly-published government statistics on repeat abortions, given in parliamentary answers by Jane Ellison, the health minister [Hansard, 26 March 2014, columns 254W to 256W]

Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, commented: "As a result of these figures, ministers are likely to agree to more intensive programmes to promote contraception, both to women who have abortions, and to young people generally.

"The result of this is well-recognised - it doesn't reduce abortion, but promotes attitudes and sexual behaviour which increase the likelihood of children being conceived in unstable situations. And whether wanted or not, many will be aborted." [SPUC, 31 March]

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