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Sex-selective abortion stats mean government policy must change, says SPUC

17 January 2014

The Independent has been investigating sex-selective abortions

In the light of the latest evidence about sex-selection abortion, SPUC has called for immediate reform of the Department of Health's abortion policy which promotes abortion for any reason.

Commenting on the investigation by the Independent newspaper into sex-selection abortions, Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, said: "Discrimination against women is being perpetuated by abortion. The pro-life movement condemns abortion as an anti-woman policy as well anti-child.

"However it is important to recognise that most baby girls (and boys) who are aborted are killed by doctors who pretend that the mother's mental health is at risk - and sign forms saying so. The Department of Health funds and defends these abortions, encouraging abuse of the law." [SPUC, 15 January]

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