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Immoral not to abort unborn children with Down's Syndrome, says Richard Dawkins

1 August 2014

"As a scientist, Dawkins should know better than to deny that human life begins at conception"

Professor Richard Dawkins, the prominent atheist scientist, has said that it is "immoral" not to abort unborn children with Down's Syndrome. He made the comments in a discussion on Twitter.

The professor argued that foetuses should not be given the same legal rights as older human beings.

Anthony Ozimic, SPUC's communications manager, told the BBC: "All unborn children, whether disabled or not, are equal members of the human family, and therefore have an equal right to life with the rest of humanity.

"As a scientist, Dawkins should know better than to deny that human life begins at conception. As a former foetus, I am against abortion in all circumstances." [BBC, 21 August]

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