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SPUC's Anthony Ozimic comments on so-called "post-fertilisation contraception"

3 October 2013

The 'monthly birth-control' pill would work by killing newly-conceived human embryos

Anthony Ozimic, SPUC's communications manager, has commented on recent news that scientists are developing a monthly birth-control pill as an alternative to daily birth-control pills and the morning-after pill.

Such a pill would work by killing newly-conceived human embryos.

Anthony told Simon Caldwell, writing for the Catholic Times this past weekend: "Firstly, it is both nonsensical and devious to speak of 'post-fertilisation contraception'. Contraception is something which prevents conception, which every embryology textbook teaches is the fertilisation of an egg by a sperm. The use of any drug to prevent a newly-conceived embryo from implanting in the womb, or to dislodge him or her from the womb, is abortion.

"Secondly, promoting chemical abortion outside of medical centres as preferable to surgical abortion inside medical centres is to promote a form of backstreet abortion.

"Lastly, the supposed 'benefit' of greater convenience will further fuel the already-rampant levels of promiscuity, abuse and disease which has been fuelled by mass promotion of both the ordinary contraceptive pill and the morning-after pill." [John Smeaton, 30 September]

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