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"Schools have no right to dictate what parents must teach their children about sex", says Safe at School campaign to Hounslow parents

3 October 2013

There is growing concern among parents over primary school directives on sex education

Parents in Hounslow met yesterday evening to hear how they can best protect their primary school children from explicit sex education.

The meeting was held in response to growing concern among parents that some local schools are telling parents that their children must attend sex education classes and any parents withdrawing their children will be told by the school what they must teach their children.

Antonia Tully, national co-ordinator of SPUC's Safe at School campaign, said: "This is an outrageous development. Sex education is not compulsory and it has never been a statutory part of the science curriculum. Schools have no legal or moral right to dictate what parents must be teach their children about sex." [SPUC, 2 October]

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