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SPUC attacks hypocrisy of IVF pioneer over eugenics warning

19 March 2013

Lord Robert Winston, the "prophet of the reproductive technology industry"

SPUC has attacked as hypocritical comments by Professor Lord (Robert) Winston warning about eugenics. Lord Winston was due to say in a lecture that people should be "on guard against" a resurgence of eugenics due to outdated controls on reproductive technology.

John Smeaton, SPUC director, told the Scotsman newspaper: "Dr Robert Winston is the prophet of the reproductive technology industry and what he does is sound a very hypocritical note and tone of alarm about such developments and then we find a few months later he says there's nothing to worry about.

"He positions himself as a responsible scientist, then, at the same time, he is a champion of the reproductive industry with its 'create and discard' attitude to human life.

"For every birth using IVF, 23 foetuses are rejected, discarded or used in experiments, those are totally unique human beings. This is part and parcel of the control scientist seek over human life, and I am not at all surprised by this development." [Scotsman, 18 March]

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