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Campaign far from over in Lords to stop same-sex marriage

5 June 2013

Peers voted to allow the bill to receive a second reading by 390 votes to 148

The campaign is far from over in the House of Lords to stop the government's same-sex marriage bill. SPUC was commenting after the House of Lords voted to allow the bill to receive a second reading by 390 votes to 148.

Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, commented: "A significant number of Lords who support same-sex marriage said that the bill does not have their unqualified support. Also, some Lords with objections to same-sex marriage did not vote against the bill this evening because of disputed parliamentary conventions restricting voting rights.

"Several Lords were wary of rejecting the bill at second reading because of fears that the government would subject the bill to the Parliament Act - overriding the Lords entirely and forcing the bill through without any scope for amending any aspects of it. These factors, plus the large number of Lords who voted against the bill, suggests strongly that the bill could be in trouble in the forthcoming parliamentary stages.

"We therefore call upon all those seeking to defend the child-centred true nature of marriage to increase their activity to stop the bill." [SPUC, 4 June]

People wishing to lobby Members of the House of Lords should contact SPUC on 020 7091 7091 or by email to

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