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Abortion should not be used as a contraceptive, says Lord Steel, author of 1967 Act

19 June 2013

David Steel was the author of the act which liberalised abortion in the UK

Lord (David) Steel, the author of the 1967 Abortion Act, has criticised the practice of repeat abortions in Britain.

He said: "It is odd that so many women present for repeat abortions, some more than twice, which does suggest they are treating abortion as contraception. This was never the purpose of the 1967 reform."

Josephine Quintavalle of the Pro-Life Alliance responded to Lord Steel's comments, saying: "David Steel needs to face the reality of the provision of abortion in this country, that it is not just being provided for women in dramatic need but is available on demand. It was verging on the ingenuous of him to imagine when he brought forward his legislation in 1967 that abortion wouldn't end up being available on demand.

"The trouble is that many people think there is nothing wrong with repeat abortions. They say: abortion is either right or wrong, so if you can have one you should be able to have as many as you can ask for." [Mail, 19 June]

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